January 12, 2017

Local girl makes good, gives books to kids


Image via Hope Books

Seventeen-year-old go-getter, do-gooder, and leaner-inner Katie Dorsey has collected more than 11,000 books to give away to kids.

While volunteering at the Community Harvest Food Bank in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Dorsey noticed that kids whose parents had dragged them along to do the grocery shopping “weren’t exactly having a great time.” So she thought she’d try to find a way to keep them entertained: free books.

Rachel Klein, the volunteer coordinator at Community Harvest told Fort Wayne’s NewsChannel 15, “[Katie] is a breath of fresh air. She’s one of those people where you meet them and you know they’re going to make a difference in this world.”

Despite surpassing her initial goal to give away 10,000 books, Dorsey, who’s dubbed her project Hope Books, says she’ll keep collecting donations as long as people keep making them.

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Taylor Sperry is a former Melville House editor.