December 6, 2010

Lit bags hit the red carpet


So, you have a red carpet event to go to. You’ve got your dress but now you need to accessorize. And damn, you’re just so tired of all your Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags. Since they’re so small and of limited use, you’ve decided you want your bag to make a big statement about you. You want it to say, “Hey, world, I’m more than a pretty dress. I am smart!”

You’re in luck. High-end hand bags just got literary. Via the LA Times’ Jacket Copy blog, Natalie Portman can be seen at a screening of Black Swan with the “Lolita” bag. Come to find out, it’s one of a collection by designer Olympia Le-Tan. You can get a good overview of the collection in the Telegraph’s slideshow. Perhaps you’ll get a an idea or two for next year’s as-yet-to-be-announced Moby Awards