May 7, 2019

Listen to Juliet Escoria’s curated soundtrack for her debut novel Juliet the Maniac


It’s publication week for Juliet Escoria’s long-awaited debut novel Juliet the Maniac! Book critic Kristen Millares Young really kicked things off when she wrote in her rave Washington Post review:  “To read Juliet the Maniac is to confront our shared faith in the flawed logic of life’s meaning, and by so doing, become worthier of our humanity.” It hasn’t hurt that Juliet the Maniac has made several Best-of-May lists including HelloGigglesHypeBae and Pop Sugar.

It’s a freaking party all right, and what’s a party without music? To celebrate an auspicious launch week, the book’s author, Juliet Escoria, has paired songs with chapters to create a soundtrack that’ll put you right in the mood to read. Take a gander at the playlist below then head over to Spotify where you can listen along to get into the reading mood.


Why I’m Scared of Birds
“Violet” – Hole

“Angst in My Pants” – Sparks

Hate Crime Saturday
“Is it Raining in Your Mouth?” – Fat White Family

Farmer Tan
“Livin’ Thing” – Electric Light Orchestra

Pills, Pills, Pills
“Dream a Little Dream of Me” – The Mamas & The Papas

Canyon Trip
“Big Brother” – David Bowie

The Kids That Left #1
“Mechanical Animals” – Marilyn Manson

Hallucination #43
“Like a Prayer” – Madonna

“Madness” – Deltron 3030

An Experiment in Dumpster Diving
“Sea of Blasphemy” – Black Lips

Situations That Used to Baffle Us
“Looking for the Magic” – Dwight Twilley Band

Ursa Major
“Love in This Club” – Usher, ft. Young Jeezy

Let’s Twist Again
“Be My Baby” – The Ronettes

Spy Game
“Blue Train Lines” – Mount Kimbie, ft. King Krule

Physical Education
“Suspended in Gaffa” – Kate Bush

The Bitch
“Gyöngyhajú lány” – Omega

Cleanliness and Godliness
“Can’t Seem to Make You Mine” – The Seeds

The Bitch is Back
“Pitseleh” – Elliott Smith

Verbal Abuse
“Rid of Me (4-track demo version)” – PJ Harvey



Michael Barron is an editor at Melville House.