YA Crossover

A Highly Unlikely Scenario

by Rachel Cantor

“It’s as if Kurt Vonnegut and Italo Calvino have collaborated to write a comic book science-fiction adventure and persuaded Chagall to do the drawings. Rachel Cantor’s cabinet of curiosities, A Highly Unlikely Scenario, is one of the freshest and mostly lively novels I have encountered for quite a while.” —Jim Crace

The Right Way to Do Wrong

by Harry Houdini

“I’m reading Harry Houdini’s The Right Way To Do Wrong: A Unique Selection of Writings by History’s Greatest Escape Artist, originally published in 1906. It is, essentially, a how-to guide for crime and deception (including the sorts of illusions for which Houdini was famous). He is surprisingly—and delightfully—free with trade secrets, explaining how to accomplish feats from sword swallowing to card games to jewel heists carried out via sofa delivery. Bold, brash, self-absorbed, and aggressively, astonishingly clever…” —Stephanie Klose, Library Journal

The Fallback Plan

by Leigh Stein

“Stein, 26, captures the voice of the young 20-something prodigal daughter with the clarion call of authenticity in her debut novel… Stein’s light, accessible, self-deprecating prose makes this coming-of-age story a pleasure.”
Publishers Weekly

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