March 8, 2013

Libraries in the subway


Three students from the Miami Ad SchoolMax Pilwat, Keri Tan and Ferdi Rodriguez-–have come up with a new way to entice readers to visit their local libraries.

These students designed posters of various bestsellers, meant to be displayed in subway cars. Using near field communications (NFC) technology, commuters will scan a code to access the first ten pages of any book advertised. At the end of each ten page sample, readers will be reminded of the nearest New York Public Library locations, in case they’d like to read further. Use of the New York Public Library has been on the rise since 2002, as we reported in January.

There’s no sign that the MTA has picked this up yet, but it’s a clever way to deliver a little bit of literature to bored commuters.

Tokyo’s metro already has its own library. The closest the NYPL has come so far is its Terence Cardinal Cooke-Cathedral Branch, connected to the 6 train at 50th Street and Lexington Avenue.



Kirsten Reach was an editor at Melville House.