March 7, 2014

Librarian Q&A: The County of Los Angeles Public Library


Cathy Saldin and Kristi D'Arco at the County of Los Angeles Public Library office.

Cathy Saldin and Kristi D’Arco at the County of Los Angeles Public Library office.

This week we’re featuring the County of Los Angeles Public Library in our Librarian Q&A series from my trip on the West Coast. I met with Kristi D’Arco and Cathy Saldin at their administrative buildings, and we talked about how they discover books, the recommended reading lists they’re proud to put together for patrons, and why their library system is unique.

Claire: Tell me about your role at the County of Los Angeles Public Library.

Kristi: I am a materials selector for ebooks, audio books, serials, travel, graphic novels, special collections, and replacements (such as classics).

Cathy: I am a selector for adult and teen fiction, all large print books, and mass market paperbacks. We both make recommended lists and staff picks for patrons that can be found on our website.

Claire: What is unique about the County of Los Angeles Public Library?

Cathy: Our library system is unique because it covers such varied geography. We have community libraries that range from small to large and can be found in the mountains, near beaches, in horse country, in agricultural areas, and urban settings.

Kristi: All of our branches focus on providing excellent customer service to their patrons and meeting the needs of their specific community, while also having access to the resources of a large library system.

Claire: What programs or incentives are you particularly excited about at the County of Los Angeles Public Library?

Cathy: Our mission is “The Library gives you the freedom to connect, explore, create, whatever your needs or dreams.”

Kristi: We provide a lot of wonderful programs for all ages and outreach to the community. We also have several upcoming technology-focused programs that are examples of that mission in action.

Claire: Why are libraries important?

Kristi: They provide equal access to information and the space for people of all ages to learn and explore.

Cathy: The library is able to combine personalized customer interaction, a variety of live programs, the printed word, and modern technological advances all in one place.



Claire Kelley is a the former Director of Library and Academic Marketing.