June 2, 2018

Well, that was a week! Let’s recover together.


“Winter scene” by Isaac van Ostade, baptized 397 years ago today.

It’s June, people! June! We all know what this means: summer is basically happening right now! (Here’s wishing you a shady veranda.) 2018 is 41.9178 percent over, the sky’s falling but hasn’t collapsed, and here we all are, somehow, doing our thing together.

Here on the blog, we’ve closed May out in style:

“Blue Moon” by Nat Mayer Shapiro, born 99 years ago today.

We were also very happy to publish:

There were, as ever, some stories we just didn’t get to:

“Small White Pebble Circles,” by England’s Richard Long, celebrating his seventy-third birthday today!

We published one paperback this week:

And finally — it’s Saturday, and cartoons are the only thing that can sweep away the ghosts of the week. We’ve got just the thing. Betty Boop fans, rejoice, and everybody, enjoy the wild stylings of Poor Cinderella:

Take care, keep track of your shoes, and we’ll see you right back here on Monday.