December 11, 2018

Let the bidding war for John Kelly’s tell-all memoir begin!


There are days when you look at your bank account and think to yourself, maybe I’ll go work in the Trump administration for a year, get fired, and write a tell-all of my time there.

Photo of The White House by Martin Falbisoner licensed under CC BY SA-3.0

Call me crazy, but consider that the bidding war for a memoir by Trump’s departing chief of staff John Kelly grew to $15 million, it makes you think. In a lengthy exclusive written by for the Daily MailClinton biographer Jerry Oppenheimer revealed: “In anticipation of the high demand for an inside look into Trump’s White House, publishers said they are ready to fork over as much as a $15 million advance—which would make the deal one of the biggest in book publishing history.”


Not quite. According to Oppenheimer, publishing executives (who go unnamed in the piece) reportedly want to ensure their investment pays off in a much bigger way than James Comey‘s (remember him?) $2 million dollar advance for his memoir A Higher Loyalty, which only sold a paltry million copies. In one executive’s words, they’re hoping Kelly’s as-yet-to-be-written memoir sells “a ton more copies.”

Oppenheimer goes on to note: “In order to secure a top deal, Kelly will be expected to deliver bombshell revelations about President Trump and the inner workings of the White House, including the truth about son-in-law Jarded Kushner‘s ties to Saudi Arabia. He will also be expected to share the backstories of White House dramas including the firing of Omarosa Manigault Newman and Rob Porter.”

Ok, so maybe making a cool $15 million is not as easy as just surviving a year with Trump as your boss…


Michael Barron is an editor at Melville House.