June 8, 2018

Laura Moser pivots to print, joining Strong Arm Press after a failed Congressional bid


Laura Moser is famous for two things. One of those things is Daily Action, an online and mobile platform that enables grassroots activists around the country to engage with their elected officials on specific political issues broadly related to “resistance” against Donald Trump’s agenda. Moser founded Daily Action in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election and found herself launched into political semi-stardom.

The other thing for which she is somewhat famous, a thing that is is a little less cool, or at least a lot more complicated, is being brutally dragged by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) during her campaign for Texas’s 7th Congressional District seat earlier this year.

To be clear, Moser was running as a Democrat with excellent political connections (her husband worked for Barack Obama for several years) and a sterling reputation as a savvy progressive (see fame-thing #1). And yet the DCCC saw fit to very publicly release opposition research against her, throwing their weight behind union-busting corporate lawyer Lizzie Fletcher.

Now, after losing her primary challenge on May 22nd, Moser is turning her attention to… publishing?

According to Daniel Marans, writing in the Huffington Post, Moser is pivoting to print, and joining upstart lefty publishing house Strong Arm Press as an editor. According to Moser:

“The conservative movement has really capitalized on books to make their arguments. There is not an equivalent on the left because a lot of people assume that mainstream publishers tend to be liberal… Everyone always mentions Nickel and Dimed. That seems to be the holy grail of progressive publishing. There need to be 10 of those books every year about the consequences of the terrible economic policies ruining our country right now.”

Leaving aside the fact that, um, therearewaymorethanthan books published every year on exactly these topics, Moser is right to believe that leftist, progressive ideas need more championing in our culture, and that books are a tried and true method of doing just that.

Let’s hope the DCCC stays out of this one.



Simon Reichley is the Director of Operations and Rights Manager at Melville House.