March 15, 2017

David Cay Johnston went on Rachel Maddow last night, and maybe you heard about it?


“What I have here is a copy of Donald Trump’s tax returns.”

Thus spake Rachel Maddow last night, on a broadcast that had journalists, pundits, and people everywhere losing their damn minds in anticipation. Maddow had gotten the documents from Pulitzer-winning journalist-hero and Melville House author David Cay Johnston, who, maybe you’ve heard, is kind of a big deal. Maddow’s show just broadcast its most-watched month ever, and last night’s bombshell drew tons of attention.

David appeared on the show and did what he does best: disclose stunning primary documents from Donald Trump’s past, contextualize them with what he’s learned in thirty years on the Trump beat, and pause briefly to defend over-the-transom sourcing in journalism.

Watch it while you drink your coffee this morning:

Next, Maddow and Johnston were joined by Chris Hayes, historian Michael Beschloss, and others — you can click here to watch the rest of the show. You can always click here to get your copy of David Cay Johnston’s New York Times bestselling The Making of Donald Trump.