June 12, 2017

Just a reminder: We’re publishing some pretty great books


Last week, as the shaken Coke can of spring burst into the fizzy heat explosion of summer, we took a look at some of the books we have forthcoming in the next few months. Here they all were, in order of release, in case you missed any. We hope you’re excited—we sure are—and will be back to our regular program of hot book news, considered opinions, occasional snark, and community-minded wiseacreage tomorrow.


June  13 (Hey, that’s tomorrow!): Simon Parkin’s Death by Video Game comes out in paperback. We got our quarters ready.



June 27: Per Molander’s The Anatomy of Inequality achieves its childhood dream of paperbackhood. We shared a small portion of it.



July 11: Michelle Pretorius’s The Monster’s Daughter awakes from troubled dreams to find itself transformed into a beautiful paperback. We began getting psyched.



July 11: George Lakey’s Viking Economics makes landfall as a mighty paperback. We marauded through its pages and grabbed some early plunder.



July 18: Lynda Schuster’s Dirty Wars and Polished Silver begins its adventures. We calmly considered the situation.


August 8: Ladee Hubbard’s The Talented Ribkins—the debut novel Toni Morrison calls “wildly inventive” and “in a class by itself”—starts its roadtrip across the highways of your imagination. We peeked into the glove box.



August 15: Kate Hamer’s The Doll Funeral, the follow-up to 2015’s The Girl in the Red Coat, takes over imaginations across the United States. We experienced a premonition.



August 29: Sady Doyle’s Trainwreck makes headlines once again, this time as an updated paperback. We ever-so-slightly invaded its privacy.



September 5: A.S. Patric’s Black Rock White City, winner of Australia’s Miles Frankin Literary Award, suddenly appears everywhere. We looked at the writing on the wall.



September 19: Scott Sherman’s Patience and Fortitude makes some space in the stacks by becoming a paperback. We checked out a couple pages.



October 17: Martin MacInnes’s astounding debut, Infinite Ground, appears mysteriously. We began trying to see how it all connects.



November 7: Marion Rankine’s Brolliology opens up like the world’s most charming umbrella. We stayed dry under an early excerpt.


November 14: Julián López’s A Beautiful Young Woman becomes a beautiful young English-language debut by one of Argentina’s rising lit stars. We shared a few beautiful young pages.



November 14: Ross Simonini’s The Book of Formation takes shape at bookstores everywhere. We asked some preliminary questions.