February 4, 2019

Join the Melville House Climate Project


The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) is mandated by law “at least every four years … to submit to the President and the Congress an assessment regarding the findings of … the effects of global change, and current and major long-term trends in global change.”

Last year, to hide its dramatic findings, the government released its mandated Climate Assessment Report on Black Friday while everyone was out shopping. Melville House rushed the report into print—including all its charts, graphs, and illustrations—to broadcast its meticulous and devastating findings about the causes and impact of global warming.

In tandem with the publication of the report, we’ve launched the Melville House Climate Project—an effort to unite environmental reading groups in bookstores, libraries, and living rooms across the country. We hope to connect families and concerned citizens with each other and with educators, scientists, politicians, and policy makers to broaden our collective environmental consciousness and catalyze a set of US environmental policy objectives that are just, healthy, and globally responsible.

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