December 5, 2018

Jacqueline Woodson on the hardest thing about writing


The writing process is personal, layered and complex. There are parts of the writing journey we love and there are parts of the adventure that we absolutely cannot stand. Often times, writers get stuck on an obstacle or there’s just an impasse in the process that seems impossible to overcome. And, for every writer that part of the process–plot, dialogue, titles, and more–is different.

For author Jacqueline Woodson, getting started isn’t the hardest part. Instead, it’s finishing. In a video interview with LitHub, she says: “Finish the book. I think that’s the hardest thing.”

In the short clip, Woodson goes on to give some smart advice for writers who are struggling to finish a novel. For more insights, watch the video below.




Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.