January 23, 2018

It’s time for another episode of: Andy Rooney hated Ernest Hemingway with more passion than you will feel about anything in your entire life!


Last week, as you may have noticed, we were busy sharing excerpts of some of the books we’re psyched to unleash on the world in the coming months. It was, frankly, a blast, but there was a downside — namely that it kept us from noting that the first day of that fabled week would have been the ninety-ninth birthday of journalist, noted sleep antagonist, and grouchy-TV-grandpa-for-all-seasons Andy Rooney, who died at ninety-two in 2011. As one should do often, let us now celebrate our late Master of Bemusements by turning, once again, to the immortal four-minute clip in which he explains exactly how much of an asshole he found Ernest Hemingway to be. Soak in the glory, read more here, and wait for this with bated breath.

And now, without further ado:

My god, that’s the good stuff.