July 28, 2018

It’s Saturday O’Clock Somewhere


“A Boy and Girl With a Cat and an Eel” by Judith Leyster, born 409 years ago today.

So, anyone notice it’s been kinda hot out? Clock these rising temperatures: impeachment articles against Rosenstein, the reunification of some—and very much not all—migrant families, the death at thirty-one of Femen founder Oksana Sachko, and a whole lot more. Hot damn.

Luckily, your good friends, the Mobyistas, have been chilling under the metaphorical sprinkler of our blog, where the week’s been a little more bearable. Come, worthy human, let us dash through the waters together:

“Central Australian Landscape,” by Albert Namatjira, born 116 years ago today.

There was, as eternally, some news we didn’t quite get to:

And finally, it is Saturday morning, and if you’re going to bask in a beautiful cartoon at all this week, now’s probably the time. We’re delighted, then, to share Václav Čtvrtek’s gently heartbreaking and highly baskable Křemílek a Vochomůrka, the Czech tale of two elves who live in a world of moss and ferns. Go ahead, enjoy something sweet in this bitter crust of a world:

And that’s that! After Tuesday, we won’t be seeing you for a little while — as we do every year, we’ll be taking this August off from blogging, to catch our breath, perfect our high-diving, get the a/c fixed, and—oh yeah—impeach the damn president. We’ll see you right back here in September, full of beans, snark, book news, and more. Take care!

“Nude (Study), Sad Young Man on a Train,” by Marcel Duchamp, born 131 years ago today.