June 30, 2018

It’s Saturday and all our books are on sale


“Street Fighting on Rue Soufflot, Paris, June 25, 1848,” painted by Horace Vernet, born 229 years ago today.

It’s been a long hot week in cold dark year, and you could probably use some good news. Friend, we have some: everything we sell—all of our books, every last mug, shirt, and tote, all of it—is on sale at an additional discount, for a total savings of forty percentWow!

While we’ve been bracing ourselves for the rush of frenzied retail that lays before us, we also managed to squeeze in some bloggin’:

“Swan Upping at Cookham,” by Stanley Spencer, born 127 years ago today.

There was some more news we didn’t get to this week, but since you’ve got books to buy, we’ll keep it real short:

And, last of all, normally offer a cartoon in this space. But nothing is normal right now, the world is on fire, and we need something of very high dosage, so here, to appease the gods below, is an editor’s pick that is not, entirely, a cartoon. It is, however, entirely magnificent. Please enjoy Michael Robinson’s insano fantastic These Hammers Don’t Hurt Us.

May the road rise to meet you and your air be conditioned. Please enjoy next week’s book preview, and we’ll be right back here, huntin’ snark and sharin’ news, a week from Monday.