August 15, 2016

It’s official: The Making of Donald Trump is a New York Times bestseller!


Exciting news! David Cay Johnston’s The Making of Donald Trump is officially a New York Times bestseller! This is huge, and we’re delighted to thank and congratulate David for all of his excellent, very hard work!

As for what you can do to celebrate, why not start by reading Jennifer Szalai’s terrific “Inside the List” piece on Johnston? (“I almost immediately recognized Donald as the P.T. Barnum of our age,” he writes.) Then, if you haven’t got your copy yet, go buy the damn thing!




If you’ve still got some festive energy to burn off, why not watch this clip of Johnston appearing on his local morning show, Good Day, Rochester. Asked to account for Trump’s popularity, Johnston speaks about “how we have quietly created this economy that takes from the many and gives to the few. That’s why the average income of the bottom ninety percent of Americans, when you adjust for inflation, is the same now as it was when I graduated from high school in 1967. But at the top, incomes have taken off… there are all these government programs, [which I describe] in three earlier books… that funnel money upward, redistribute upward. And Donald has tapped into the economic terror the bottom half of Americans feel, and the next forty percent are very uncertain about.” Well said. You can watch the entire clip right here: