May 25, 2018

It’s Memorial Day, and we’re discounting all our books from this year


So far this year, we’ve published exactly twelve brand-new books. Twelve. A reader’s dozen. Amazing. (There’s more amazing stuff on the way, of course, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now.)

This weekend, as America frantically googles “best way to start a grill,” we’re offering all twelve of those books for twenty percent off our already discounted prices, for a total savings of forty percent. Does that sound like a lot? It is.

This means that, between mouthfuls of slaw, you can grab Curtis White’s Lacking Character—his first novel in twenty years and a landmark in “transcendental buffoonery” (oh yes)—for just over $10. Thank you, masked man!

Just before you run out to re-up the bun supply (btw everyone likes potato bread), you can pick up Marc Perrusquia’s A Spy in Canaan, the stunning story of how Civil Rights Movement photographer Ernest Withers doubled as an FBI informant, for just $17.39. If you want to be spy

As you subtly compare lemonades in the beverage aisle, take a sec to get Michael Bible’s Empire of Light, the long-awaited follow-up to his tender, hilarious, outrageous novel Sophia, for just $9.59. Oh light that blinds!

All of ’em, every new book we’ve published in 2018 so far, will be available for a total of forty percent off the list price, in all formats. The discount’s already been applied — all you have to do surf over and click. Check out all twelve right here — and happy grilling.