June 23, 2018

It’s been a hell of a week


Today is the ninety-second anniversary of the first-ever SAT!

Holy hell, that was a long one. It’s been a dark week, with the mercury climbing, mass immigrant graves turning up in Texas, and the Trump administration’s ghoulish family separation policy dominating headlines.

But today’s Saturday, and we’re all going to find the space to recharge, this is probably it. There’s been a lot going down in the world of books this week, too, and, as ever, your intrepid Melvillains have been keeping tabs:

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin’s 1922 portrait of Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, born 129 years ago today.

As ever, there were some stories we just didn’t get to this week:

And finally — it is Saturday, and there has perhaps never in history been a Saturday in starker need of a good cartoon. Given the mood so many of us are in, it feels like something preposterous may be in order. And hey, just the thing:

Rest up, get in the streets, stand by your neighbors, and we’ll see you right back here Monday morning.