July 29, 2017

Instructions before leaving Saturday


“The Ninth Wave,” 1850, by Armenian painter Ivan Aivazovsky, born 200 years ago today.

Hi, everyone. It’s Saturday again — here at MobyLives, a very special Saturday, because it’s our last Saturday together of the summer. Very soon it will be August, and during August, the blog will be a little different. We’ll still be coming at you with news, opinions, excerpts, and the occasional bout of moon-worship, but our regular writers have the month off, and will be sleeping in on the weekends. Definitely still stop by, because we’ve got big plans for the month; but in terms of getting your Saturday fix, drink deep for now, and we’ll see you in September.

But ok, it is not yet August, and we’ve had quite a week over here:

Today would have been the sixty-second birthday of cartoonist and Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens, who died in 2008.

We were also very glad to publish:

As ever, there were a couple stories we just didn’t get to:

And finally, you, who are not the wealthiest person on earth, who have not breathed the vile breath of undead life into an internet behemoth that’s decimating the world’s human commerce bookstores-first, you who made it through the past seven days without punching anyone (I mean, probably?), you deserve a cartoon. In fact, since it’ll be a while before we’re together again like this, have a few cartoons. Here’s something, it’s beautiful and is about, maybe, vulnerability (but also outer space):

This is pretty much just about itself, and wholly worth watching:

And, finally, something to fortify your sprits through BBQ prep, one of the hardest ordeals of any summer well-spent:

Stay cool, keep in touch, and we’ll be back in a month!