February 8, 2005

Insane in Seattle . . .


The scion of the R.D. Merrill fortune, Charlie Wright, known along with his parents Virginia and Bagley Wright for philanthropy to artists, and for “restoring solvency” to one of New York’s most prestigious art galleries, the Dia Foundation, is turning from visual art to poetry. As an Associated Press wire story reports, Charlie Wright, 50, plans to start a poetry publishing house in Seattle. The name of the company, as well as upcoming titles and authors, has not been decided upon yet, but Wright says, “We’ll be focused on mid-career American poets. There will be some exposure to emerging poets, also reprints and translations — sort of a mixed bag.” Wright also made clear: “It’s not a not-for-profit. You come to it with a different mentality if you aren’t asking for grants and donations.”

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