April 28, 2018

Indie Bookstore Day is Upon Us At Last


Earthlings! Friends! Readers! The time we have so long awaited is at hand: bookish greetings to you on this, the fourth annual Indie Bookstore Day!

Just as in revious years, indies around the country are planning a full day of author events, games, and drinking. And as always, Melville House will be dropping by stores around New York delivering treats to the booksellers that make all of this possible. This year, we’ll be including some branded Trump / Russia vodka in preparation for the book’s release on May 8. We also like to give things away on Twitter, so make sure to tweet some of your bookstore adventures our way — you might just win some cool stuff.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of what’s going on in stores around the country today:

This barely cracks the surface! Get more complete info on literary shenanigans in your neck of the woods at www.indiebookstoreday.com.

And remember: Booksellers are heroes! Heed their recommendations, yea, and purchase their wares, on this, the hallowed day that honors them!



Peter Clark is a former Melville House sales manager.