April 27, 2018

INDIE. BOOKSTORE. DAY. 2018. *keyboard smash redacted*


What do you get when you combine the time delineated by the rotation of the planet with a local economic unit designed to educate and entertain by wares made of paper, glue, and ink? INDIE BOOKSTORE DAY!!!!!!

The fourth annual Indie Bookstore Day comes tomorrow, not a moment too soon. With the number of insane presidential tweets officially tallied at “a gagillion” and a world that makes no damn sense even without Twitter, I think it’s time for everyone to head to their local bookstore and find some sweet relief.

Just as in the three previous years, indies around the country are planning a full day of author events, games, and drinking. And as always, Melville House will be dropping by stores around New York delivering treats to the booksellers that make all of this possible. This year, we’ll be including some branded Trump / Russia vodka in preparation for the book’s release on May 8. We also like to give things away on Twitter, so make sure to tweet some of your bookstore adventures our way — you might just win some cool stuff.

If that doesn’t lure you to the book-slinging saloons we call indie bookstores, perhaps a sampling of tomorrow’s highlights will:

Of course, with more than 500 stores around the country participating, there is too much to list it all here. You can find out more information and locate an indie at www.indiebookstoreday.com.

As always, buy lots of books. Support indie bookstores. Wear sunscreen. Drink water. And enjoy!



Peter Clark is a former Melville House sales manager.