December 11, 2017

In the market for some gift ideas? Bundle up!


The holidays are hard. It’s cold. You’re battling Seasonal Affective Disorder. The weirdo whose lap you just sat on may or may not have been Santa. You’re hearing the same five songs on an endless loop that threatens your very sanity. And, if you’re like most people, you’ve got between six and fourteen thousand presents to buy.

Well, not to worry — we’ve got just the thing. First of all, we’ve just come out with our official 2017 gift recommendations, a comprehensive list of the gifts each of us is winning the holidays with. Check it out — you may find just the thing for your cool grandkid, Trump-hating mom, lasagna-maestro dad, anyone. All of ’em can be ordered through our website for an automatic twenty percent off.

We’ve also created a set of new bundles for the holidays. Check these out:

The Discover World Fiction Paperback Bundle  A spin around the world for $32. Three novels from major, new voices in world literature. Damn. Save $19.

The Cool and Unusual Gift Book Bundle — Blow some minds for $37. An artistic guide to sharpening pencils, a deep history of the umbrella, and a handbook to decoding the visible, physical infrastructure of the internet. Give ’em to the most interesting person you know. Save $17.

The Feminism Lives! BundleSady Doyle and Jessa Crispin are two of the most urgent and admired voices in feminism today. Their two books, bundled at $22, offer a terrific breadth of feminist thought, and some of the smartest, funniest, most trenchant criticism out there. All the yes. Save $11.

The Debut Fiction Paperback Bundle — Three of the debut novels we’ve been most excited to publish in the past few years, for $35. Three worlds to come ashore to. They’ll love these, we promise. Save $16.

The Take Our Country Back Special — For the rabble-rouser on your list, this is the definitive anti-Trump bundle, for $30. An acclaimed Trump biography, a detailed master class in impeachment, and What We Do Now, the post-election anthology on standing up for your values in the age of Trump, from contributors including Gloria SteinemGeorge SaundersAnthony RomeroElizabeth WarrenPaul KrugmanGeorge LakoffKatrina vanden Heuvel, and many more. Save $13.

The Cooks’ Night In Bundle — Score yourself a lifetime of ace dinner invitations, for just $70. These three cookbooks, giant and gorgeous, spill the beans on the culinary secrets of old world peasants, French roasting geniuses, and eccentric Italian dukes. Extremely delicious. Save $35.

The Debut Fiction Hardcover Bundle — Opinion: the word “meaty,” applied to a book, can be kind of gross. Here, for $50, are three flavorful, nourishing, protein-rich fiction debuts from the past few months. They’re fantastic. Try ’em with ketchup. Save $28.