March 30, 2012

In honor of Whitman’s birthday, 30% off the New York Poets Series


Three books from Melville House’s New York Poets Series, available now for 30% off the retail price!



by Bill Kushner

Kushner has long been packing them in for his readings in New York’s poetry underground—places such as the KGB Bar and the Cornelia Street Café. Now, In The Hairy Arms of Whitman shows off for the rest of the country how the Bronx-born son of impoverished Russian immigrants has twisted together the strands of New York’s greatest poetry movements to come up with a style that is uniquely his own—as offbeat and relentless as Alan Ginsberg and the Village Beatniks, as funny and intellectually sharp as the New York School’s John Ashbery and Frank O’Hara, and as spiritually searching and inspiring as New York’s first bard, Walt Whitman.


by Colette Inez

In the vanguard of contemporary poetry since the 1970’s, Colette Inez’s unique and thoroughly original voice is an important contribution to American Poetry. She has been praised by poet laureate Stanley Kuntiz—“I like the hard contents of her poems, the anger and the fine control”—and Anne Sexton, who said Inez’s work gave her “that kind of pain/pleasure one gets from the real thing.”

Her latest collection combines her wild sense of fun with wide-ranging erudition, in a book that is both a love letter to New York City and to the great tradition of the Enlightenment. SPINOZA DOESN’T COME HERE ANY MORE shows Inez at the peak of her talents, in a stunning tour-de-force that may be the most impassioned yet controlled work of her illustrious career. The collection shows her voice to be as vivacious, smart, and fiery as ever, now with a seasoned wisdom and compassion that’s absolutely beguiling. It is, in short, the work of a lifetime.


GHOSTWOOD (hard cover)
by Star Black

Defying trends by writing scrupulously sculpted poems that revel in form and are unabashedly beautiful, playful and smart, Star Black, one of the most popular poets in the New York poetry scene. Her collection presents 48 chiseled gems that show off the many reasons why she is considered one of the leading practitioners of the sonnet writing in English today.

Black’s poems celebrate nature as well as life in the city. They link touching characters and explore the boundaries of love. They keen in grief and anger—as in her searing poem about the WTC attacks, “Perfect Weather”—and they bound into hope, as in the quirky beauty, “Asylum.”


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