May 4, 2005

If one of his clients is Touchdown Joey Ellis, his work is cut out for him . . .


One day after Kevin Roderick broke the story that Los Angeles Times Book Review editor Steve Wasserman had either resigned or been invited to resign (see yesterday’s MobyLives news digest), Roderick’s LA Observed breaks part two of the story: Wasserman is heading east to head the New York office of Kneerim & Williams at Fish & Richardson P.C., a literary agency that represents, among others, Brad Meltzer, E.O. Wilson, Stephen Greenblatt, and Joseph Ellis. Roderick also posts a memo sent out to LA Times staffers yesterday by editors John Montorio and Tim Rutten, saying that “Steve actually informed us of his decision several weeks ago, but characteristically offered to remain through the recent Times Festival of Books.” They insist that “The Times’ committment to literary journalism and criticism continues to grow and deepen,” and add “The search for Steve’s successor already is under way, and an announcement regarding that appointment will be made soon.”

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