September 23, 2017

I like big Saturdays and I cannot Saturday


An 1890 portrait of Mark Twain by James Carroll Beckwith, born 165 years ago today.

Friends! By now you the drill: every Saturday morning, we have a little party to celebrate the successful execution of the advanced maneuver known as “surviving the goddamn week.” And this was… well, it was a weird one. Out there, out in “the world,” it pretty much sucked. But here, here in the comfort and safety of MobyLives, it was, as usual, a lot of fun. And here’s why:

“Autumn Landscape,” 1914, by Finnish painter Pekka Halonen, born on this day in 1865.

There were also a few stories we just didn’t get to this week:

And, finally, it is Saturday morning: cartoonin’ time. Here’s a few you might be missing: