October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: clearly about publishing


If anyone doubted whether Hurricane Sandy was a response, direct from on high, to the Penguin/Random House merger confirmed earlier this week, you outta take a look at the map below.

Random House is indicated by the ballooning “A” and One57, the soon-to-be-tallest residential building in the city, from which a broken crane is currently dangling, and because of which all nearby streets are still shut off, is just up the block and around the corner.

In other words, since the announcement on Monday, no one can get to Random House. Any suggestion that the Almighty may have instead been aiming at the Letterman show, also down the block, is clearly crazy and not to be trusted.



Sal Robinson is a former Melville House editor. She's also the co-founder of the Bridge Series, a reading series focused on translation.