November 19, 2018

How to share your writing with others, part two


So, you just joined a writer’s group. And you have to share a piece of writing at the next meeting. For some writers, this prospect might trigger an entire flurry of self doubt and worry. But, sharing your work doesn’t have to be a panic inducing event. In fact, it can be helpful and enjoyable.

Photo via Aaron Burden/Unsplash

We shared four tips last week and now we’re bring you four more tips for sharing your work. It won’t hurt, we promise.

1. Ask a stranger. don’t want to bother your personal network? are they tied up? Ask some new folks on writing forums, social media, or writing journals and competitions that offer feedback, and so on.

2. New to writing? You can be transparent. Maybe you’re new to writing fiction or another form, you can be open and honest. Let’s say you’re a season poet but new to fiction writing, let your reader know.

3. Let your work speak for itself. Your’e going to be very tempted to give your reader an entire run down of your writing before they crack it open, but please refrain. Don’t give a synopsis or a thirty page background story on your characters. Just let your readers read.

4. Share excerpts instead of a full length draft. You might have a complete draft hiding out in your laptop or handwritten (bless you). However, why not just share a few favorite selections? A greatest hits of your manuscript, if you will. A glimpse of 5-10 pages is enough for valuable feedback. Plus, an excerpt of you work will mean that your readers and deliver timely and quick feedback.




Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.