October 31, 2018

How to make time to write and live your life


Ah, writing. It’s an act we love and perhaps, even sometimes, avoid or abhor.

Photo via Adolfo Félix/Unsplash

With day jobs, obligations, families, and social lives, it can be hard to carve out a few stolen minutes or mere moments to write. Between the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it is possible to make time to write a few times a week or even every day.

So, how can you do it? With these four simple steps, you’ll up that word count in your latest novel draft or poetry manuscript in no time.

1. Don’t reserve big blocks of time for writing. Instead, utilize small chunks of time in your day, such as 15 minutes after waking up, using 20 minutes in a lunch break, or a few moments in your daily commute to hash out a few lines. If you stick with a routine, even if you’re only writing for short period, it’ll become a routine in a snap.

2. Hold yourself accountable. Just like exercising, you really can’t afford to skip out on one writing session. Half of the obstacle is getting in front of a computer or sitting down with a notebook and a pen. Sit down and do it. No excuses.

3. Use a schedule. Don’t wait to get inspired because that’s just a perfect excuse to procrastinate. If you write for 15 minutes before going to bed or after waking up, make time for it. Work on your novel every Tuesday night for an hour? Put it in your calendar. If you put it in an organizer, or even on your phone, you’re one step closer to holding yourself accountable.

4. Try out new tools. Maybe you use a timer on your phone, or perhaps you free write for five minutes a day, or maybe you have a friend who is your accountability partner and you check-in with each other. Implementing new or various resources and support systems to effectively manage your time is a major strength. Using new tools in your writing practice will help your work smarter, instead of harder or longer.




Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.