February 18, 2019

How do we know climate change is real? Here are 8 undeniable warning signs


Don’t believe in human-caused climate change? It seems unlikely if you’re a Melville House fan, but maybe you need some facts up your sleeve to sway climate deniers.

Straight from the pages of the USGCRP Climate Report, here are eight indicators of climate change in the U.S.


Annual average temperatures are increasing.


The season length of heat waves is increasing.


We’re seeing more intense single-day precipitation events.


There have been large declines in snowpack in the western U.S.


Annual minimum sea ice extent in the Arctic Ocean has decreased at a rate of 11%-16% per decade.


Annual median sea level along the U.S. coast is increasing as oceans warm and land ice melts.


Ocean acidity is increasing.
Oceans absorb more than a quarter of the CO2 emitted to the atmosphere by human activities.


Warmer and drier conditions are contributing to an increase in large forest fires in the western U.S. and Interior Alaska.


Amelia Stymacks is the former director of digital marketing at Melville House.