May 19, 2018

Hook and Satur(day)


“The Return of the Holy Family from Egypt” by Flemish painter Jacob Jordaens, born 425 years ago today.

SMTWTFS: One of these initials is not like the others. Well, actually, it’s “S,” so it is like one of the others, but we’re talking here about that second “S.” The beautiful “S.” The “S” that stands for Saturday.

According to popular accounts, Saturdays were first discovered in the Middle Ages by Dr. Gustavus Saturdinius, who was either a Dalmatian sardine merchant or a Sardinian dalmation breeder (accounts vary). In the time since, they have developed into a crucial time of rest, consideration of the preceding week, and cartoon-viewing.

Well, friends, it is devoutly wished that you read this today in a state of rest. A cartoon awaits you, fear not. And in the meantime, here’s what’s been on hand for the past week:

“Solomon and the Queen of Sheba” by French painter Claude Vignon, also born 425 years ago today.

We were also very delighted to publish:

As ever, there were a couple news stories we just didn’t get to:

And, finally, it’s Saturday, and you shall have your cartoon! If you’re a fan of ancient spirits freed from the tombs that have enclosed them for endless millennia, mummies asking, “What is a cell phone?”, and chipper scenes of San Francisco in the nineties, you are sure to enjoy the debut episode of Mummies Alive!, a forgotten, classic series from Canada. Behold:

Take care, y’all. We’ll see you back here when the solar barque emerges over the horizon on Monday.