June 16, 2011

Herzog and Jackson will get you the fuck to sleep


Last month on MobyLives we reported on the surprising and heartening success of Adam Mansbach’s Go The Fuck To Sleep. The book jumped to the top of Amazon’s bestseller lists long before its publication last week.

Luckily, devoted parents everywhere now have the chance to listen to two cinematic giants reading the book. This week, legendary German director Werner Herzog performed a reading of the book at the New York Public Library. Mansbach deemed Herzog ‘the best possible person in the world’ to record the children’s bedtime tale.


However it looks like Herzog may have some competition in the form of the equally imposing Samuel L. Jackson. Readers can download an e-book of Jackson reading the book from Audible.com. In an interview, Jackson commented,

“I was anxious to do the audio read of this book because my agent has twins… I remember all those times when I read to my daughter when she was that age, and everybody tells you that reading stories will put kids to sleep, but it never works… I did say ‘go the fuck to sleep’ to her a lot”.


This latest news comes on the heels of a report at The Guardian, which outlines a protest from New Zealand Christian organisation, Family First, who have urged bookstores not to stock the book, for fear that offensive language will create dysfunctional children. If that doesn’t put you to sleep, I don’t know what will.