September 17, 2012

Here’s to the crazy ones …


Melville House publisher Dennis Johnson admits the grammar in Apple’s historic “Think Different” campaign always annoyed him. “What can I tell you — I’m an editor,” he says. “I also always wondered, well, would Gandhi really have approved?”

Now, to mark its tenth anniversary, Melville House has announced its own “Think Differently” campaign with a new video that parodies the first “Think Different” commercial from Apple. In the video, Johnson gently teases what he refers to as “the shade of Steve” by reading the original voice-over text written by Steve Jobs (but never aired) against the images of some of history’s most iconic authors. Johnson made the video with Melville House’s academic and library marketing director Claire Kelley — and as opposed to Apple’s chic by association, these icons are people whose many books, coincidentally, happen to be published and championed by Melville House.