December 16, 2016

Happy birthday, Philip K. Dick!


Philip K. Dick whiteToday we’re wishing a very happy (if, alas, posthumous) happy eighty-eighth birthday to sci-fi legend, Bladerunner visionary, and Last Interview series participant Philip K. Dick.

Here’s a pretty terrific video tribute to Dick, made by The Verge a few years back, and starring forthcoming Melville House author Jonathan Lethem who once described Dick as “as formative an influence as marijuana or punk rock — as equally responsible for beautifully fucking up my life, for bending it irreversibly along a course I still travel”:

And here’s an amazing video—long beloved to PKD fans (“Dickheads,” by affectionate nickname)—speaking in 1977 about “counterfeit worlds” and “the manifold of partially actualized realities lying tangent to what evidently is the most actualized one” — and sounding very prescient indeed:

Also, while there are any number of PKD screen adaptations out there to choose from (and Bladerunner is certainly a contender for best sci-fi movie of all time), we have a particular soft spot for this BBC adaptation of A Day in the Afterlife, featuring a cast that includes Terry GilliamElvis CostelloFay Weldon, and many more: