October 7, 2017

Grab life by the Saturday


An untitled 1948 painting by Canada’s Jean-Paul Riopelle, born ninety-four years ago today

Wow. Many weeks on this earth are difficult; few are dominated by the spectacle of a US Secretary of State calling a press conference just for the opportunity to avoid denying having called the president a “fucking moron” — but, well, here we are.

As for us, we maintain MobyLives as a fucking-moron-free zone. Here’s some of what we’ve been covering instead:

We were also very happy to publish:

Riopelle’s “Perspectives,” from 1956

There were a couple stories we didn’t get to this week:

And finally, it is Saturday morning, and you deserve—nay, require—a cartoon. Here’s one that’s fun, kinda complicated, and, best of all, weird af. Presenting: The Mysterious Cities of Gold! Enjoy — we’ll see you back here on Monday.