March 21, 2012

Google bookstore coming to France


eBookNewser reports that Google is bringing its digital bookstore to France in the near future. While there is no set date yet, French literary magazine Actuallité says that Philippe Colombet, head of Google’s book scanning project in France, has confirmed that plans are in the works for the rebranded online store — now known as Google Play Books — to launch soon.

With its e-bookstore currently limited to a few English-speaking countries, Google is looking to the rest of Europe for opportunities staking its claim in the digital market overseas. Actuallité has suggested that a Google tablet might even be in the works, given that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is due to land in France by June — and with Apple looking to make its mark as well, there could be fierce competition for the digital market in France and beyond in Europe.

Nick Davies was a publicist at Melville House.