March 31, 2018

Go down, Saturday, way down in Saturday Land


Hello, everyone! It’s Saturday once agian, that day of days, and a fine one it is! At least two of the world’s religions are marking major holidays this weekend — here’s to a sweet Passover and a happy Easter to all who celebrate ’em.

As for us, we’ve had a frantic week of dyeing eggs, grating horseradish, and, of course, blogging. Here’s how it’s looked:

We were also very delighted to publish:

As ever, our faltering human fingers did not manage to type out words about every story we were following:

We published one book this week:

And, finally, it is Saturday, and you’re entitled to a cartoon. Siri, show me something so sweet it comes out the other side and is in fact a little creepy?

Thanks, Siri — knew you’d come through.

And with that — rest up, breathe deep, and we’ll see you right back here Monday morning.