March 22, 2010

Glue allows authors/readers to unstick from Amazon


A report at Digital Book World uses a Cory Doctorow quote to explain the problem:

There’s a reason that the Web is festooned with links to Amazon: it pays to make those links, and it’s easy. Other retailers, including Indienet, Powell’s, Borders, Barnes & Noble, and the amazing Book Depository have their own affiliate programs, and I’d happily link to those, too, if there was an easy way of doing so without having to laboriously hand-code six links on every review.

Now, according to the report, a new widget called Glue — full name, the GetGlue Book Widget — is making that possible. It “not only enables easy ‘buy now’ links to a number of online retailers,” but it’s also, according one one author,  not “an obnoxious sales technique.”

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