September 21, 2010

Free Contest You Win at MobyLives


We’ve been wondering… who are you? The readers of MobyLives, we mean. Our theories are:

1. You are publishing industry wonks who like our hard-hitting exposes and clever commentary on the business.

2. You’re literature connoisseurs who appreciate our eclectic list. (Thanks!)

3. You were trying to get to Oprah Winfrey‘s webpage to buy Jonathan Franzen‘s Freedom and we only have a few seconds before you click away–

(Aw. He’s gone.)

Anyhow, one of the types we like to think checks in every now and again are artists. To test that theory we’re offering up a MobyLives art contest.

Biblioklept recently re-re-re-posted a link to the Belgian humor magazine Humo, which reduces the entire David Lynch film Eraserhead to a single page.

This inspired us to have the following contest: if one of you creative types can reduce the plot/content of a Melville House book down to a single page (sculpture, infographic, etc.), we’ll give you a prize. If the art is pretty okay, we’ll give you something nice we have lying around, an “I Would Prefer Not To” tote bag, or maybe a galley copy. If it’s honest-to-goodness cool, we’ll give you a book of your choice. But if it’s MobyLives blog-postable amazing we’ll send you a whole box of our most delectable titles. If no one sends us anything we like, we’ll never have a contest (or fun) again.

Send submissions to [email protected] with the subject heading “One Page Melville House.”