November 27, 2019

Florida Man’s home soon to be taken over by Amazon


The Amazon Fulfillment Center (FC) in Shakopee, Minnesota. Photo by Tony Webster (CC BY 2.0)

When the average American thinks of Florida, they imagine alligators, Disney, sunshine, voting recounts, and Florida Man. But when Amazon thinks of Florida, they envision a state of unlimited space to gobble up real estate and expand their empire. Amazon already owns a staggering 10 warehouses in the Sunshine State, and is adding a new and even bigger fulfillment center in Polk County. Sara DiNatale reports for Tampa Bay Times that the center will be over one million square feet, and will employ 500 people in addition to the 13,500 Amazon employees in the state.

Governor Ron DeSantis is pleased with the news and in a statement he says, “Amazon’s new distribution center in Auburndale is a big win for Polk County and our entire state. We are grateful that Amazon recognizes Florida’s investment value.” This new center is no doubt an attempt to match the voracious demand of Amazon consumers and the company’s unabashed goal to overpower local businesses.

While Governor DeSantis will be grateful for Amazon’s expansion in his state this Thanksgiving, driving commuters using Interstate 4 and struggling Polk County businesses will not. As more and more fulfillment centers open in Florida, perhaps a new moniker will be the Amazon State. Before you click “Buy Now” on Amazon, think again if you would want to contribute to the company slowly overtaking your home state.

The opening date of the facility has not been released. Florida Man was not available for comment.



Andréa Córdova is a publicist at Melville House.