September 11, 2018

First lines: The Marginalized Majority, The Constitution Demands It, Let Me Be Like Water, and The Diary of a Bookseller


It all begins by opening a book and starting with the first page. That being said, first lines are captivating, perhaps even intoxicating. Here are some of our first lines from our latest Melville House releases.



The Marginalized Majority
by Onnesha Roychoudhuri
July 10, 2018

“During a recent visit with my mother, I sat flipping through an old photo album I’d never seen before.”



The Constitution Demands It
by Ron Fein, John Bonifaz, and Ben Clements
August 14, 2018

“Impeachment is not a constitutional crisis. Impeachment is the cure for a constitutional crisis.”



Let Me Be Like Water
by S.K. Perry
August 14, 2018

“I was sitting on a bench staring at the beach when Frank told me I’d dropped my keys.”



The Diary of a Bookseller
by Shaun Bythell
September 4, 2018

“Orwell’s reluctance to commit to bookselling is understandable.”





Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.