January 1, 1970

“The New Edge of Radical Economics” with David Graeber

What is money and who does it serve? New answers to these questions are challenging the foundations of our economic system. On August 22, join David Graeber and Charles Eisenstein – two of our most provocative social thinkers – for “The New Edge of Radical Economics,” as they dissect many of our unspoken economic assumptions and share ideas about how to create an economy that serves people and communities, not obsolete, destructive institutions.

Innovative practices are emerging that connect individuals to community, support a healthy commons, and meet our truest spiritual and emotional needs. These alternatives move beyond the old socialist/communist paradigm and are inspired by indigenous tribal practices, recent experiences with non-interest-bearing and complementary currencies, and the rich tradition of anarchism.

David Graeber is the author of the acclaimed book, Debt: The First 5,000 Years, and was in the group that coined the Occupy slogan “We are the 99%!” Charles Eisenstein’s books Sacred Economics and The Ascent of Humanity are inspiring people across the globe to rethink basic premises about how money should be designed. The discussion will be moderated by Evolver co-founder Daniel Pinchbeck.

$20 Adv/ $25 Door

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Student Discount: $15.00 at the door.