January 1, 1970

The Art of the Pizza Box: An Exhibit by Scott Wiener

Curated by Scott Wiener

Featuring box designs by Luca Ciancio, Michael Biondo, RockTenn, Ed Hardy, Joe Lacek, Roma Foods, and Domino’s Japan

Based on Wiener’s acclaimed book, Viva La Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box, this exhibit presents a dozen stunning pizza box designs. Included are international designs, corporate designs, and boxes produced mom-and-pop pizzerias. Work from the world’s most celebrated box designer, Luca Ciancio, and renowned artist Ed Hardy make this a unique exhibit about an overlooked medium.

Opening: March 6, 2014 @ 6:30 pm 

Show runs until 3/28/14.

Melville House Gallery/Bookstore
145 Plymouth Street Brooklyn, NY (between Jay Street and Pearl Street)
Full direction here.

About the curator

SCOTT WIENER’s writing appears online at Serious Eats and on his blog, Scott’s Pizza Journal. His award-winning column, “Man on the Street,” appears monthly in Pizza Today Magazine. He is the founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours, which guides tourists and New Yorkers though the history, science, and culture of New York City pizza (www.scottspizzatours.com). The tours have been featured on the Food Network, the Cooking Channel, the Travel Channel, the Discovery Channel, Lonely Planet, and a host of other outlets. Wiener maintains the world’s largest archive of unique pizza boxes.

Praise for Viva La Pizza: The Art of the Pizza Box

“[D]elightful and informative.”
—The New York Times

A little slice of art.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“[A]n intensely researched love song to [pizza boxes].”

“[This] fascinating book shows pizza boxes like you’ve never seen, emblazoned with artful images so original and unexpected they would be at home in a food museum.”
—The Sacramento Bee

“The detail to which Wiener chronicles the boxes is kind of insane.”
Hyper Allergic

“I never thought anybody’d be writing a book about this.”
—Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza

“[O]ne of the most effusive displays of love for corrugated cardboard the world will ever know.”
The Independent

“[This] new book answers questions you probably never asked.”
USA Today

“Scott has forgotten more about pizza than most people have ever known!”
—Jeffrey Saad, Food Network


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Viva la Pizza p46-47