September 10, 2018

Enjoy a celestial David Bowie-fueled playlist, Earthlings


Books take us on adventures. Strange Stars: David Bowie, Pop Music, and the Decade Sci-Fi Exploded by Jason Heller is a book for music lovers, sci-fi connoisseurs, pop culture hawks, and adventure seekers. And, in particular David Bowie is the impenetrable thread keeping it all together. The versatility of Bowie and his influence is no joke – his prowess was otherworldly, his music, timeless, and his chameleon, shapeshifting alien-like personas were unstoppable. In order to really get the bones and meat of this book, you have to take a ride, man.

Whether you’re a spider from Mars, a sci-fi enthusiast, or just a curious reader dipping a toe in the celestial book sphere, this star-filled journey calls for some epic tunes. Blast off into a new atmosphere and slip into a new, wild dimension with our Strange Stars playlist.

Stephanie Valente is the Digital Marketing Manager at Melville House.