July 5, 2019

Ending the book famine in Africa


Books for Africa, an organization that works to end the book famine in Africa, has been collecting and donating books to African students of all ages since its founding in 1998. This week, Publishers Weekly reported a new Books for Africa Initiative in which BFA partners with book publishers to publish books in local languages in exchange for charitable donation and the golden inner glow that comes along with being a kind and giving person. This initiative will allow BFA to send books based on the desires and needs of the book donees. 

Most recently, BFA partnered with Barefoot Books to send custom-printed books to AIDS orphans and their caregivers. This summer, BFA and Barefoot Books will start off their partnership by sending 300,000 books that include African themes and learning materials to Mozambique.

Other initiatives, which are covered in detail on the Books for Africa website, include collecting and donating books on law and human rights, agriculture, vocational skills, and girls empowerment collections to encourage girls to pursue their goals. 

If you live in St. Paul, Minnesota or Atlanta, Georgia and are more than 13 years old, you can volunteer for this incredible organization! Details on how you can get involved if you don’t live in Minnesota or Georgia or if you are under the age of 14* can be found here.


*You have such a bright future ahead of you if you are reading the MobyLives blog this young. Go you!



Christina Cerio is the Manager of Direct Sales & Special Projects at Melville House.