June 6, 2016

Editors at MAD Magazine may be the only ones to enjoy this election season


Maybe MAD Magazine can help you laugh to keep from crying. Image via Facebook

Maybe MAD Magazine can help you laugh to keep from crying. Image via Facebook

The Donald Trump campaign offers such ample opportunities for outrage and mockery, could it usher in a new renaissance of political cartooning?

The editors of MAD Magazine are hoping the 2016 election could be the best one yet for their particular brand of mockery. The sixty-year-old satirical publication is looking forward to a banner year featuring the Republican presidential nominee. The Huffington Post debuted the magazine’s August cover last week, and quoted John Ficarra, MAD’s editor-in-chief, “Many people have wondered if Trump has any intelligent ideas in his head. Our cover answers that question once and for all.”

The all-but-official Republican nominee also figured on the cover of the magazine’s end-of-year “Dumbest People, Events and Things” issue.
Trump isn’t a new target for the magazine. A website called The Political Insider has a scan from a 1991 issue, featuring Trump as the Wizard in a Wizard of Oz comic. In it, The Donald sells scams to all of the characters, and tells Dorothy not to go back to Kansas. “In a couple of years, after you fill out, you could be my steady bimbo.”

He’s making a fortune in rev-e-nues;
He’s raking it in… while suck-ers lose
And lose, and lose, and lose
and lose, AND LOSE!
And pays all his debts with I…O…U’s!

Mad Magazine trump


Julia Fleischaker is a former director of marketing and publicity at Melville House.