June 17, 2017

Easy like Saturday morning


We’re wishing a very happy eighty-sixth birthday to the great American artist John Baldessari! Here’s his piece “Studio,” from 1988.

There we went again: it’s been fully seven days since we last awoke to the joys of a roller skating jam named “Saturdays,” and oh, it was a week. The memories are welling up fast and furious:

Today also marks the 119th anniversary of MC Escher’s birth.

We also featured a few of our books and authors:

Escher’s “A Donkey”

There were a few stories we just didn’t get to:

We published one book this week, and released one in paperback:






And finally, if you’ve made it through seven days without accusing the world of directing a “witch hunt” against you, you have earned yourself a Saturday morning cartoon, and this one’s a beauty. Presenting Pelle Svanslös (aka “Peter-No-Tail”), a 1981 Swedish cartoon that will happily smash all the hearts inside your body. Set in the gloriously beautiful city of Uppsala, it’s somehow both wholesome and completely enjoyable. And is, by the way, adapted from the children’s books of Gösta Knutsson. Hunker down in your pillow fort for this one, it’s worth it:

See you Monday, deckhands!