December 9, 2010

Dream app for bigots everywhere: Burn-A-Book


Earlier this month, SnarkyApps launched an iPhone app that could have saved a certain Pastor Terry Jones a lot of time and effort in September. Instead of desperately attempting to arrange a Koran bonfire, and pulling out at the last minute, all he needed to do was download this app.

The app, called Burn-A-Book, is free to download on iTunes, and allows you to select a book from the list and virtually burn it. The app’s description reads:

“Have you ever had the urge to burn a book? Well there’s never been a better time to exercise your freedom of expression with a nice and toasty bonfire and a good book! Choose from The Bible, The Koran, the Baha’i Writings and many more!

**Disclaimer** The creator of this app in no way condones the actual burning of books.”

So far, reviews have been mixed, with one user proclaiming, “I wish there were more apps like this one, the world would be a better place” and another saying, “it’s free so who cares what it does”. That’s the spirit!

According to the SnarkyApps website, the creator of Burn-A-Book is only 14 years old, and hoping “to teach people not to burn books”, however it’s good to know that there are outlets for our future book-based pyromaniacal urges without precious books falling victim to our wrath.