November 8, 2011

Multiple murderer writes YA novels about kids fighting water pollution


The Canadian newspaper The Province reports that Charles Kembo—a man convicted of murdering his wife, his mistress, his friend, and his step-child in 2010—has self-published on Amazon the 372-page YA novel The Trinity of Superkidds Book One: Quest for Water under the pseudonym J.D. Bauer. The book was reviewed at which compared the book to the Harry Potter series and wrote that “Bauer fuses the thrilling adventures of three fun-loving teen super heroes, the Superkidds, with a strong environmental theme.” Posing as Bauer, a female commercial farmer living in the United States, Kembo was interviewed via email at a Teen Fiction website which described the author as “talented, environmentally conscious and never boring.”

When asked what led “her” to write the Superkidds novel Bauer responds:

Desperation… TSK book series is a product of sheer desperation. Since 1966, Canada has had laws against water pollution. Internationally, most governments have weaker laws against water pollution. And those with tough laws, enforcement is an issue. Result? Water pollution galore. Solution? Get youth involved in the TSK crusade to conserve water and find its pollution. I hope the Superkidds become exceptional role models, better yet, a powerhouse of inspiration to youth today.

Bauer/Kembo also noted that “she” “Prefer[s] to write in semi-darkness, alone in the nude…”

Writing about the story, Jezebel notes that on Bauer’s Facebook page lists “Her favorite movies are Fried Green Tomatoes,The Joy Luck Club, and Thelma and Louise”…two of which involve women who commit murder.

The lone Amazon review for the book gives it one stars and states: “I choose not to support the art of murderers, sent my copy back.”